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Commonplace #0037

Boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there as opposed to reasoning by analogy.

The CEO who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private.

The world is much more interesting than any one discipline.

The kernel of a strategy contains three elements: a diagnosis, a guiding policy, and coherent action. The guiding policy specifies the approach to dealing with the obstacles called out in the diagnosis. It is like a signpost, marking the direction forward but not defining the details of the trip. Coherent actions are feasible coordinated policies, resource commitments, and actions designed to carry out the guiding policy.

Culture eats strategy.

Something not worth doing well is often not worth doing at all.

If you would persuade, appeal to interest and not to reason. The man changed his view when his incentives made him change it, and not before.

To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks pretty much like a nail.

I specialize in simple problems.

It’s not bringing in the new ideas that’s so hard. It’s getting rid of the old ones.

Curiosity. Concentration. Perseverance and self-criticism.

Better roughly right than precisely wrong.

You can get in way more trouble with a good idea than a bad idea, because you forget that the good idea has limits.

The Feynman Technique:

  1. Choose a Concept
  2. Teach it to a Toddler
  3. Identify Gaps and Go Back to The Source Material
  4. Review and Simplify

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