Summary: August was a social platform built to give the world's imagination a voice. It created a bridge between millions of artists and billions of creative consumers that would replace labels, studios, publishers and agencies. 

Key Responsibilities: Product Architecture, Lead Ui/X Design, Brand Development, Artist Relations, Market Strategy, Technical Recruitment and Fundraising.

Founded: 2014 - 2016
Team: 9 Members
Position: Founder & CEO
Location: Los Angeles
User Growth: 250,000+ Creatives


The Story

I set out to disrupt the world of media based on the belief that I could unite millions of artist and billions of consumers into a centralized, social platform around the creation and discovery of music, photography, films, writings, paintings and designs. I believed that the voice of artists had been lost amongst the noise of user-generated content, and that their future hinged upon their ability to be discovered and amplified. And that in a world of over seven billion people, there existed audiences with enough energy and passion to socially and financially support every single one of these artists. I believed in this vision, and I set out to build it.

August was built upon the reality that around 99% of the content created on the internet is user-generated, while the remaining 1% is created by artists. As a result, the platforms that provide the content distribution that artists need are focused on, and filled with, user-generated content, leaving them lost amongst oceans of memes, selfies, status updates, cat videos, etc. As a result, being discovered as an artist is like winning the lottery. 

After a year of development with a dream team of designers, engineers, advisors, investors and over a thousand artists, we launched an MVP (minimum viable product) of the August platform via the Apple App Store. Within the first couple weeks, over 20,000 people downloaded the app via word-of-mouth from our community.

We realized that our methods of distribution and discovery were working, and that the creative community we had cultivated wanted more. So over the course of that year, we began releasing new versions of the app, growing our team to nine members and organically scaling the network to over 250,000 creatives.

As the network grew, so did our understanding of the market. The resources required to be competitive overshadowed our sense to pursue within a niche, so we collectively closed the network and shelved the platform for another day. 

What remains is a brief but powerful experience, team and community that continues to shape our future.


Being heard as an artist is just about as likely as winning the lottery. For every Taylor Swift and Annie Leibovitz there are thousands more equally talented yet to be heard.

August was built to give the world's imagination a voice, from the next generation of artists to anyone with a story to tell. In a world of over seven billion people, we believe there lies an audience with enough energy and passion to fuel every true artist.

August is a place to gather inspiration from these artists whose music gets us through the workday, whose films and photographs dares us to dream bigger, and whose writings give us a new way to view the world.